The following represent the rules for The NASCAR Experience Fantasy Racing League for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series season.   The rules may be modified from time to time to clarify situations that may arise during the season (any changes that take place during the year will be highlighted).  Any questions should be submitted to the League Commissioner, Bill Jostock, through email at bill@thenascarexperience.com.  Please remember that the League is NOT affiliated with nor endorsed by NASCAR.  It is only for entertainment and friendly competition between NASCAR fans.  Please note that the intent of the League is to create some friendly competition among fellow NASCAR fans.  As such, it is not intended on players playing with multiple teams and/or players 'Teaming Up' to make their picks.

 1.  Eligibility:  To be eligible for this League, you must be a returning player (you are automatically entered if returning) or complete the Entry Form that can be accessed through the link at the bottom of this page.  The League is open to all interested parties, subject to approval by the League Commissioner.  The League Commissioner reserves the right to approve or deny all entries.  An individual will only be allowed to play with one team.  The League Commissioner has the right to expel any player from the League that fails to participate in the contest for three consecutive weeks.  If you are expelled, you will forfeit all monies paid.

 2.  Divisions: The NASCAR Experience Fantasy Racing League consists of a Fee Division, Weekly Pool, and Chase for the Championship Pool.  The Fee Division is $10, Weekly Pool is $1 per race, and the Chase for the Championship Pool is $4 for a total of $50 for the season.  To remain eligible to play, your total fees must be received by March 1, 2024 or special arrangements are made with the League Commissioner.  The method for payment can be arranged with the League Commissioner

3.  Entry:  If you played the League in 2023 you are automatically entered if approved by the League Commissioner.  For all others, entry into the League may only be done through the Entry Form that can be accessed by clicking on the link at the end of this page.  All fields must be completed with valid information or the League Commissioner will consider the entry invalid.   The member’s email address will be verified prior to acceptance.  Please note that each player must have his/her own unique email address.  Entries into the League will be accepted up until the third race of the season.  Even if you enter late, you will be required to pay all relevant fees, including any races already run for the Weekly Pool.  Please note that each player will choose a Team Name, which will be used for identification for scoring.  The Team Name may consist of letters and numbers only, with no spaces.  The League Commissioner has the right to approve or deny all Team Names.

 4.  League Communications:  The Address Book of all League players will be maintained by the League Commissioner.   It is the player's responsibility to maintain their email addresses in working order to be able to receive all League messages.  If you change your email address, please email the League Commissioner at bill@thenascarexperience.com

 5.  Standings:  Points will be awarded to the players based on their selections for each race.  For the Championship Race, Stage Points will be awarded to the drivers the same as the other races for League scoring.  Year-to-Date standings will consist of an accumulation of the points received for each race.  The lowest three scores received by each member will be dropped from the final standings in determining the overall champion.  In the event of a tie for a payout position in the Fee Division, Weekly Pool, or Chase for the Championship, the members involved will split the prize monies for the positions affected.  There will be no tiebreakers for this League.

 6.  Driver Groups:  The selections for each race will be made through Driver Groups.  The NASCAR Cup Series drivers will be placed in seven groups (labeled Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, and Group G).  Groups A-F will consist of five drivers each based on the Official Driver Points Standings entering each race.  Group A will be those drivers in positions 1-5 in the points standings, Group B positions 6-10, Group C positions 11-15, Group D positions 16-20, Group E positions 21-25, and Group F positions 26-30.  Group G will consist of any driver not in the Top 30 in points.  For the first race only, the Driver Groups will be set by the final points standings for the 2022 Cup season.

 7.  Weekly Selections:  For each race, the players will submit their selections through email to an email address to be used specifically for making your selections.  Each player's selections must be made with the email address with which the player is registered in the League.  A link to the format to use will be provided to the League players along with the Driver Groups for the current race.  It is the player's responsibility to insure that the picks are sent prior to the deadline for the race.  If the League Commissioner's server causes selections to not be delivered, consolations will be made to accommodate picks not delivered.  Each player will select one driver from each of the Driver Groups.  In addition to the seven Driver Groups, there will be an eighth selection labeled ‘Wildcard Driver’.  The Wildcard Driver can be any driver in the field not already selected through any of the seven Driver Groups.  If a player selects a driver for the Wildcard Driver that was already selected in any of the seven Driver Groups, that player will receive zero points for the Wildcard Driver.  Please note that once you make your selections for the race, no changes are allowed unless you notice an obvious error right after submitting.  Instructions are provided on the Team Selection Form.

 8.  Scoring:  The scoring for each week’s race will be based on the points awarded to each driver for that race.   The Official Results as announced online will be used to determine the points.  If any points are deducted for infractions after the Official Results are posted by NASCAR, the scoring for this League will not be affected.  Each player’s points will be the accumulation of points received of the eight drivers selected.  The player receiving the highest points for each race will be declared the winner for that race.  In the event a driver makes the field as listed on the Race Lineup as presented on NASCAR On-line but does not compete in the race, those players selecting that driver will be awarded 1 point (same as a last place finish).  Also, if a driver shows 'PE' as points received in the Official Results, those players selecting that driver will be awarded 1 point (same as a last place finish).  Finally, if a driver competes in a Cup race, but is not running for points in the NASCAR Cup Series, those selecting that driver will receive the same points awarded for the Owners Standings for that entry.  For races in which the traditional scoring system is not used by NASCAR (i.e., The Championship), the scoring will be based the same as a typical points race.

 9.  Race Deadline:  The deadline for each week's entry will be the time the green flag falls.  The time posted in the race statistics will be used to determine the official start of the race.  If a race ends up being rescheduled to a different weekend after another race is run, all entries for that race will be discarded and all players must resubmit their entries for that race. 

The following is the format to use to submit your team, which will be able to copy and paste from the Team Selection Page:

Race Number: 
Race Name:
Team Name: 
Email Address: 
Group A: 
Group B: 
Group C: 
Group D: 
Group E: 
Group F: 
Group G: 

 10.  Payouts:  All payouts for the League (Fee Division, Weekly Pool, and Chase for the Championship Pool) will be made at the end of the season.  The assumption will be that a player's earnings will be applied toward the fees due for the next season.  The Weekly Pool will be 'winner take all' for each race unless we have sufficient participation, in which case we will pay out more positions.  The number of spots paid will be determined after the number of participants are known.  The payouts for the Fee Division will be approximately 1:6 (one payout position for every six paid players). 

11.  Chase for the Championship Pool:  $4 from each player's entry fee will be applied to the Chase for the Championship Pool.  Each player that wins or ties for a win in any of the first 26 races will be eligible to win from the Chase for the Championship Pool.  During the final 10 races of the season, an elimination format similar to the format used by NASCAR will be established once the number of participants are known.  The ultimate result of the Chase for the Championship is to have six players eligible at the final race of the season.  The Pool will be distributed amongst the three players with the highest scores of the six players.

12.  Special Note:  Please note that The NASCAR Experience Fantasy Racing League is based completely on the drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series.  If a driver gets hurt or misses a race for any reason (the driver is not listed on the Official Race Lineup), any player selecting that driver will receive zero points for that selection.  Careful consideration must be made when making your race entries that the drivers you are selecting are actually scheduled to race. 

Again, if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the above, please email the League Commissioner at bill@thenascarexperience.com   We hope you join us in some friendly competition. 

By clicking on the link below, you are declaring that you have read and understand the above League Rules.  Please make sure of your eligibility PRIOR to submitting an Entry Form. 

Please Note that this site is not affiliated with NASCAR or any of its drivers, teams, or officials

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